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"Josh Joffen's music never grows obsolete. When he performs on stage each audience member has the feeling that Josh is speaking directly to him (or her). Couple this with a sweet voice and superb musicianship on the guitar, and you have the ultimate folk performer that everyone wants to hear." - Sol Zeller, Borderline Folk Music Club, New City, NY

"Josh Joffen sings from the heart. He weaves melody around his rich lyrical poetry, binds it together with expressive (and impressive) guitar work in multiple tunings, adds smooth soothing vocals, and serves it all up to us with a warm dimpled smile. Whether he is using humor, singing a love song to his wife, expressing delight in his beloved tropical island of Antigua, sharing memories of his Greenwich Village past, or exploring his understanding of the strange dichotomies of human nature you immediately understand the deep intelligence of the man who can write songs like this, just as you immediately understand how much he thoroughly enjoys life. Josh doesn’t just sing. He reaches out and embraces his audience, pulling them into his magical world. As a house concert presenter, I can say that it doesn’t get much better than this." - Arlene Boumel, Boumel House Concerts, Coral Gables, FL

"Most artists paint pictures with a brush, Josh Joffen paints beautiful pictures with his lyrics and his music." - Joanne Melosh Dezego, Garden Stage Coffeehouse, Long Island, NY

"Beautiful melodies, compelling lyrics are good reasons to listen to Postcards from Antiqua. Close your eyes and let Josh Joffen's voice and pen take you on a journey. You'll find yourself wanting to return over and over again." - Jon Stein, host, HOOTENANNY CAFE, WTBQ

"Josh Joffen's music speaks to the human spirit with passion and perception. From observant and intimately personal songs laced with wit and humor ("Only For One Night", "Glad for the Chance") to overarching anthems evoking universal themes (the award-winning "Liberty's Song"), his songwriting is both evocative and provocative, and a delight to listen to." - Nick Noble, host, THE FOLK REVIVAL, WICN Public Radio, Worcester, MA

"My mother tells everyone how talented her son "the folksinger" is. In spite of that, I still got (and get) hired here and there. So when I tell you that Josh, an old friend, musical partner, and game-changer is a fine songwriter worth hearing, you don't have to believe me either. But it's true. I swear it is." - David Roth

"From the minute the title track kicks in you know you're lazing along with that classic relaxed acoustic style that has long enchanted listeners. Add Josh's rich, warm voice - matched perfectly to his guitar style - his engaging lyrics that abound with warm effervescent melodies, and you have a(n) album to spend some time with." - Folkwords CD Review

"Joffen has a touch. He writes from many angles and weaves his visions with folk structures which at times belie the fact that they were written in today's world and not that of the past. It doesn't hurt that he has a pleasing voice, either. No scratchy old vinyl texture here. His voice is smooth and unwavering except when it counts (and it counts a lot)... He has talent enough to go in any direction he wants. Judging from the songs on Postcard From Antigua, I have a feeling we will get more of the same and even better... The music takes musicians like Joffen where it will and after hearing this, I think he is in for a long, long ride. Hopefully, it will be as much fun for him as it is sure to be for us." - Frank Gutch, Jr Folk Acoustic Music Exchange

"We dare to say this too: Eventually, we could see Joffen's name listed along with artists such as John Hiatt, Jon Tiven, and David Olney in terms of songwriting - the compositions, melodies, and most of all, the soul on display here are all first rate. Score one for Long Island for a change; Joffen's sometimes jazzy tempos but always heartfelt lyrics will prove he's a force to be reckoned with in coming years. We'll even dare to say this: Log on to so you can discover what other area artists already have: Josh Joffen is an exceptional songwriter." - Good Times Magazine

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